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The Property management Trading Entity(PMTE) is implementing Resource Planning (ERP) Information Technology system. The system will resolve the current operational challenges due to use of unintergrated legacy systems which have led to audit findings. The official starting date for the ERP project implementation is 1 October 2015. The implementation of this project will focus on intergration of Finance and Leasing modules, and construction Works and Asset Management modules. The expected go-live date for these systems is the end of the 2015/16 financial year


Employee roles and jobs will not change, but the way in which you complete your work will be different. Daily work will become more efficient and paperless through the use of ARCHIBUS and by having access to a central repository of information employees will be able to meet Client needs faster

A new system – ARCHIBUS – and revised processes and work procedures will be put in place. As such, everyone who is currently using WCS or PMIS will be provided with training on these revised procedures and the ARCHIBUS system. You will also be supported by Change Agents in your teams and receive various communications and engagements. You will experience an improved way of working with easier access to the information. You will use an internationally recognized system which is web based and therefore accessible from different devices.


WORX4U is an end-to-end solution that offers you the following:

Construction management
Financial Services Suite
Property Management


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